Our Story

Before our doors were opened and our first service was held, there was a cry in the spirit that people in Hampton Roads were hungry for the presence and power of God. A cry that people desired a place for authentic free flowing worship. A cry for a place that took the "fluff" out of church. A cry for a place that exalted God's Word above man made traditions. A cry for a place that valued relationship over religion. A cry for a place where the wounded could be made whole and the hurting could be healed. A cry for a place that pushes people beyond their limitations in their destiny. A cry for a place where they could grow deeper to reach higher in God. Simply put, people were looking for a Kingdom Movement.

Pastor Vernard and Lady Tracey Hinton heard and responded by establishing Faith Life Church in March 2011. The church began with weekly vision meetings with a small group of committed believers. Others heard the cry and the numbers grew. In October 2011, Sunday worship services began and in just a short time Faith Life Church had become one of the fastest growing churches in Hampton Roads.

Faith Life Church is a loving community of faith that believes in discipling men and women to have healthy relationships with God, family, and others. Our culture provides a dynamic environment that is conducive for practical and spiritual growth for those seeking life's purpose and a personal relationship with God. In addition, our energetic free flowing worship help us transform lives through God's Word. We are continuing to carve out our niche as a innovative ministry that fosters relationship building through discipleship, and fellowship. It is our sincere desire to be a place where faith and life connect!!!